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Who is Balded Bear?

Balded Bear Custom Wood Design started with the decision to make my grand-children a bunk bed, then a table to sit at and eat lunch while watching Cocomelon. It turned out really well, but I knew that it could have been better.  So, I invested in the correct tools, started studying the trade, and continued to build, mostly for family and friends. I would get a little better with each project, learning tricks of the trade, how to better utilize tools and develop proper workflow. Somewhat unexpectedly, I fell in love with taking a raw piece of wood and turning it into something that others can enjoy for decades. ​I am a hobbyist woodworker with a full-time 9 to5, meaning large projects will take time. That full time job tends to get in the way of my hobby.​This is a Veteran owned small business located in Waynesboro, Mississippi. ​Semper Fidelis

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